‘The central miracle asserted by Christians is the Incarnation. They say that God became Man. Every other miracle prepares the way for this, or results from this.’ This is the key statement of ‘Miracles’, in which C. S. Lewis shows … Continued

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Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith

Want a deep daily faith reflection? This book of readings by C.H.Spurgeon are timelessly wise You’ll find truth to hold close in every day A short reading for every day. Spurgeon wrote this selection of readings to encourage believers to … Continued

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The Little Book of Heavenly Humour

This small book is big on making smiles! Based on DaySpring’s wildly popular card line “Bible Tails,” readers will enjoy each full-color, cleverly illustrated look at a well-known Bible story–the way it might have been seen from an animal’s point … Continued

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Time Together
Take some time together... as a family, discovering just how deeply God really cares for and understands each one of you! Knowing well the seasons and rhythms of family life, Bekah and Steve take us on a 12-week journey as we make some space daily for God and each other. Enjoy exploring how some biblical characters encountered Jesus - and had their lives changed in the process. Each day includes a short Bible passage, some ideas to jump-start the conversation, thoughts to ponder, real-life anecdotes and some weird and wonderful facts, topped off with a simple prayer. Weekends have a bonus suggestion of fun ways to connect and even impact your sphere of influence - whatever our family looks like!
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A Good Old Age
Old age often gets a bad press. Associated with grumpiness, aches and pains, loneliness and isolation it's not something we particularly look forward to or relish when we're there. Pastor and Bible teacher, Derek Prime, himself in his 80's, shows us that there is another way to view old age. He guides us through 26 Christian priorities that we should hold to in later life. With biblical wisdom and practical advice, he helps us to navigate the unique challenges and joys that old age can bring. This is a book to dip into, mediate on and read prayerfully as you let the truths it contains gently transform the way you live your old age.
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FOOTPRINTS - Scripture with Reflections, inspired by the best loved poem. by Margaret Fishback Powers. For over thirty years these words from the poem 'Footprints' have brought assurance to millions worldwide. You too can experience the blessings and reminders of how God cares and provides for his children. In this lovely book each line from the poem has been paired with Scripture verses from the NIV Bible to inspire and guide you in your daily walk. This gift book will be a treasured addition to any library and an encouragement to all who wish to follow in God's footprints.
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What The Bible Says About Your Future

For readers of Tim LaHaye and John Hagee comes a thoughtful exploration of what happens in eternity. Relying on key biblical prophecies, renowned scholar Dr. John F. Walvoord explains what the Bible teaches about heaven and hell, how life on … Continued

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