Some people long to find it, others long to escape it. But, whether we welcome or dread it, solitude is something we all experience in different forms at different points in our lives. After enduring nearly five years of solitary … Continued

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The Happiness Secret
It's something we all want but what is happiness and where can we find it? In this book J. John takes a look at the most famous teachings of Jesus - the Beatitudes - to find the principles to living a happy and contented life. He unpacks each of Jesus' great sayings, placing them in their first-century context and also revealing how they are relevant to our lives today. Accessible and down-to-earth, The Happiness Secret is both a practical guide to attaining fulfilment and purpose in life. 'Please read, It could well change your life.' - Sir Cliff Richard
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Faith For All Seasons

Elijah was a man of extraordinary faith and courage, but just like us he also experienced times when life was a bit more difficult. He had great days of anointing from God, but also days when the stress of his … Continued

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A Wind In The House Of Islam

There are nine geo-cultural ‘rooms’ in the House of Islam, and the Wind of God’s Spirit is blowing through every one of them. David Garrison spent three years travelling a quarter of a million miles through every corner of the … Continued

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Just Living

How can Christians live well in a globalised, consumerist society? Globalisation and consumerism affect every area of our lives. It’s not just about shopping; these powerful forces shape our personal lives, how we relate to one another, how we view … Continued

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Faith on the streets

.12,000 trained volunteers 12 years 280 towns 9 countries 100,000 pairs of flip-flops – these are the numbers that are bringing about change, town by town, to the face of the UK… and more and more countries around the world. … Continued

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We make the road by walking

We make the road by walking, is a years worthy of reflections on the Bible, each one easily read aloud in ten to twelve minutes. Working with the frame work of a Church year, they provide a Genesis to Revelation … Continued

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Hidden in Christ

Memorising and studying a passage in depth can offer a deeper sense of the meaning of each word. In this unique introduction to the hidden life in Christ, James Bryan Smith walks readers through a thirty-day immersion in Colossians 3:1-17. … Continued

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