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Y Beibl mewn iaith hawdd i’w deall. Mae wedi ei gyfieithu o’r ieithoedd gwreiddiol (Hebraeg a Groeg) i Gymraeg llafar, syml – mae’n berffaith i bobl ifanc, i ddysgwyr ac i Gymry o bob oed sydd am ddeall neges y Beibl yn well. • Y Beibl – mewn iaith sy’n hawdd i’w deall • Perffaith ar gyfer ysgolion, eglwysi a dysgwyr • Adnoddau ychwanegol, gan gynnwys, Ble i droi am help, Amserlin y Beibl, Geirfa, Mapiau a’r Calendr Hebreig. Experience the Bible in your own language. Translated from the original Hebrew and Greek, is the Bible in everyday Welsh – perfect for young people, those learning the language and even those who are native Welsh speakers. The Bible – in the Welsh you hear and understand Perfect for schools, churches and those learning Welsh Supports your Bible reading with additional where to find help references, a Bible timeline, maps and a Hebrew calendar.

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