Embracing Grace

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Do you ask yourself these questions:

o How can God still love me after what I have done?
o Have I crossed the final line by doing what I did?
o Is my repentance legitimate?
o Is God still in my life, and can things ever be the same between us after what I’ve done?
o Am I even still saved?

When You’ve Sinned Again, What Then?
Guiltiness gnaws at all of us. We worry that our specific wrongdoing has crossed an invisible line beyond the limits of grace. Plus we labor under a vague sense that we haven’t done enough, prayed enough, or been good enough to be worthy of God. This biblically rich, highly accessible message offers you sturdy truths to silence condemnation and self-reproach.

Embracing Grace is full of surprising revelations about what the Bible says—and what goes on in your mind—when a dark atmosphere of unworthiness and disqualification tries to engulf you. Easy-to-read, short chapters, plus fresh definitions for familiar concepts, break down the often-confusing subject of how Grace and the Law work together.

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