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At the heart of the 16th century Protestant Reformation lies the rallying cries of reformers like Martin Luther and John Calvin. Intending to summarize the Reformers’ basic theological principles in contrast to the Roman Catholic Church of the day, these reformers spearheaded a movement that transformed Christianity. It is out of this very movement that the five solas emerged:

Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone)
Solus Christus (Christ alone)
Sola Gratia (grace alone)
Sola Fide (faith alone)
Soli Deo Gloria (the glory of God alone).
In Christ Alone looks at the historical heritage of each sola, giving believers an in-depth look at what each of the five solas are and the practical implication for believers today. Each chapter highlights a quotation by and the biography of a well-known reformer, as well as key Scripture verses to further explain each sola’s meaning.

In Christ Alone will be published as part of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017.

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