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Loving Mercy

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For years Simon has been absorbed by the quest for a truly Spirit-filled life. But he has realized that this is only the start: the truly Spirit-filled life is one that has a heart for the marginalized – looking outward rather than inward. Justice, he writes, is ‘God’s delight’. The more we become Christ-like, the more we will focus our hearts and minds on spreading justice in every practical way.

Justice is God’s design plan, his DNA, the hallmark of righteousness. Salvation and social transformation are inextricably linked – Jesus was a leper lover: who are the marginalised today? Jesus had time and space for the poor: where does our responsibility lie? Jesus called for justice: how do we intercede? We speak warmly of ‘grace’ but grace in action is expressed as justice.

This is a passionate, luminous book, filled with interesting and revealing stories and cogent argument.

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