Naming and Blessing

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In the Bible a person s name is intimately connected to their identity and God s blessing upon them. In this collection of over 500 individual name prayers Andrew Tawn expresses the unique relationship between each one of us and God in a beautiful new way. Every prayer is written as an acrostic in which the opening letter of each line spells out a name. The imagery of these prayers, often drawing upon the meaning of the name or a verse from the Bible, is accompanied by the moving illustrations of Pat Schaverien. Naming and Blessing offers prayers for the many occasions in life when our names are important. *They are for prospective parents as they choose a name for their son or daughter and to help them pray for their child throughout their life. *They are for ministers who want to personalise baptisms, confirmations, and weddings or when they pray for their parishioners. *They are for anyone who wishes to pray by name for others, in times of joy and in times of need, to ask God s blessing upon them. *They are also for the times when we feel the need for God s blessing on ourselves. These special name prayers will serve as the perfect introduction to the language of faith, as a resource to call upon throughout our lives, and as a constant reminder that each one of us, no matter our age, is always a beloved child of God.

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