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Power thoughts devotional


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Feeding our thought with positive, buoyant, hopeful spiritual truths is a helpful discipline. That’s how this book can help. Each day there is a Bible verse of hope, strength, comfort, power and possibility, with a little lesson of how that verse applies to modern life and a take-away thought you can think about through the day. Instead of our thought circling fruitlessly around our problems, or worrying, we can substitute a spiritual law or promise which governs our situation.

As the author writes, “When you have a problem, nothing negative will fix it.”

This book takes the powerful laws and truths in the Bible which speak to God’s care, love, protection, support, help and comfort to fill our thoughts with. Some believe there is spiritual law and power behind these verses, that when applied to your life, the problems become resolved, dissolve or easier to deal with as you go forward. A solution might appear to you as your thought is focused on the spiritual truth governing the situation.

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