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Has Science made a Creator outdated and irrelevant? Former atheist Lee Strobel has discovered that science, far from being the enemy of faith, now provides a solid foundation for belief in God. Scientific discoveries point to the incredible complexity of our universe, a complexity best explained by the existence of a Creator. This revised six-session video study invites participants to encounter this evidence delivered in a compelling conversational style. Join Strobel in re-examining the theories that once led him away from God. Pastors, small group leaders, and individuals seeking resources that answer tough questions about the existence of God will find compelling answers in the Case for a Creator study. Designed for use with the Case for a Creator Revised: A DVD Study. The six sessions include: Science and God Doubts about Darwinism The Evidence of Cosmology The Fine Tuning of the Universe The Evidence of Biochemistry The DNA and the Origin of Life”

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