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The Dream Book


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Your dreams are a unique opportunity to hear from Heaven. While you sleep, daily distractions are absent, creating a space for God to speak.
In the night, God intertwines heavenly messages and details from your life into a meaningful, storied tapestry. These divinely woven dreams may offer wisdom, bestow comfort, or inspire courage.

This beginner’s guide to dream interpretation will show you how to:
Interpret your dreams using Scripture and the Holy Spirit’s guidance, even when dreams are embarrassing or frightening.
Capture your dreams in a dream journal.
Expand your creative ability by learning to “catch” heavenly treasure from dreams.
Understand the meanings behind nightmares.
Learn what to do when you experience déjà Vu.
Discover your own personal code language with God.
You have been given access to God’s supernatural voice. Learn to unlock the language of dreams and visions, and take hold of God’s special words for you!

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