The Memory of Love


Injustices challenge two couples among the first Ohio Settlers.

The Memory of Love: 5 years ago a flood destroyed Callie Troyer’s home at a Pennsylvania orphanage and with it much of her memory.  She has built a new life in the Ohio valley, assisting with the medical challenges of an 18th century mission settlement of Christian Delaware Indians.  However, the sudden arrival of a mysterious man form Philadelphia – a man who claims to have known her before the flood, makes her question who she really is.

Healing Sarah’s Heart: Sarah Lyons is running from her past, from her grief of losing her husband and especially from God.  She is struggling to survive on her own and care for her young son in the wilderness along the Ohio River.  Joining a new community, she meets militia leader Jeremiah Stewart, who can relate to her pain.  However, can Sarah risk revealing secrets from her past in order to help others?

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