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When helping hurts


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When Helping Hurts is an excellent and thought provoking look at how Christians should tackle community povery both at home and overseas.So many Christian missions and Churches try to help the poor in a patronizing and insensitve fashion with negative results and much waste of effort and money . This book takes us in to where so much has gone wrong and how Christians can start to get it right .A key area is that Christians rightly give aid as welfare in a crisis e.g handing over food,clothes,clean water at a time of flood or acute hunger but then do the same when it comes to recovery and development where the aid agency should be working sensitively with the poor and help them mobilize their resources .Western groups are too often not working with the cultural grain of the people they are trying to help with disastrous results .Corbett and Fikkert give lots of excellent examples of how to be really effective

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