How to be a Bible Warrior

If you were a warrior you’d have a sharp, shiny sword and an army of soldiers to fight with. There might be a giant to attack, or a throng of enemy soldiers to defeat. But is that all there is … Continued

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30 Days – A Practical Guide to Reading The Bible

The Bible has been described both as a manual for life and a love letter from God himself. But how should we read it? Where do we start? How is the Bible relevant to everyday life? Nicky Gumbel has selected … Continued

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I’d Like You More if You Were More Like Me

Following the ideas of John Ortberg’s book, I’d Like You More if You Were More like Me, this six-week study includes biblical insights, group questions, personal journaling prompts, and at-home activity ideas. Small-group members will learn how to connect on … Continued

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The Cities That Built The Bible

For many, the names Bethlehem, Babylon, and Jerusalem are known as the setting for epic stories from the Bible featuring rustic mangers, soaring towers, and wooden crosses. What often gets missed is that these cities are far more than just … Continued

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Whole Life. Whole Bible

Where we spend most of our time – at home, at work, in the neighbourhood – matters to God and to his mission in and for the world. Far from restricting our faith to the ‘personal’ sphere, disengaged from everyday … Continued

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Embodying Mark

Embodying Mark invites readers on a journey through the entire Gospel, accompanying Jesus from his baptism to his empty tomb. Over the course of eight chapters, readers are guided through eight focus passages, each supplemented by related readings and a … Continued

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Meeting God in Mark

“Meeting God in Mark” explores the essential meaning and purpose of Mark’s Gospel for beginners who may be curious about the Gospels and want to learn more, as well as for those who’ve read the Gospel many times before and … Continued

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100 Emergency Bible Verses

Life is full of trials and tribulations. Christ followers experience pain, fear, and every other emotion. Ever Christ was tempted. In every situation, Christians can turn to the word for his comfort and direction. This collection of devotionals and most … Continued

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