Whatever You Grow Up To Be

A mother rejoices in her new baby son and wonders, at each stage of his childhood, what God has in store. Prince? Fireman? Football player? Musician? Whatever You Grow Up to Be by renowned Christian author Karen Kingsbury is a … Continued

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My Rhyme Time Bible For Little Ones

Gather your little ones close to read this brightly illustrated, rhyming Bible storybook. Watch their eyes light up as they hear and see many of their beloved Bible characters come to life. Give them their first look at Adam and … Continued

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Words To Dream On

Young children thrive on routine and rituals, and a Bible story at bedtime is one of the best routines to establish! A combination Bible storybook and book of prayers, Words to Dream On is the perfect bedtime storybook for young … Continued

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3-Minute Devotions For Little Hearts

A brand new devotional for children ages 5 to 8 that encourages young hearts to develop a habit of daily time with God.

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Stories from The Bible for Children

“Stories from the Bible” contains many wonderful tales from both the Old and New Testaments. With full-colour illustrations on every page, this book re-tells such well-known stories as Noah and his family, Joseph and his Dreams, the Birth and Boyhood … Continued

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Max Lucado’s You Are Special and 3 other stories

Through these four bestselling picture books, master storyteller Max Lucado shows children how very special they are and how very much God loves them.  

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The Classic Children’s Bible Storybook

t is important for every Christian family to have a child-friendly Bible that they can enjoy together. THE CLASSIC CHILDREN’S BIBLE STORYBOOK is packed with timeless Bible stories: 100 stories from the Old Testament and 100 stories from the New … Continued

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Joseph’s Story of Christmas

Joseph was a good, kind man, husband of Mary, protector of Jesus in his childhood. This is the Christmas story seen through the eyes of Joseph, and the story of Jesus – the baby in the manger.

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