Devotional & Bible Memory Plan for Kids

God’s Word is filled with promises for young hearts and it is never too early to start memorising. This book features child friendly devotions and practical Bible memory plans. It also features three popular Bible translations the King James Version, … Continued

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My Big Story Bible

The Big Story Bible is a large format Bible storybook, illustrated by Christine Tappin; it takes you on a journey page by page as each one of your favourite Bible stories comes to life. The uncomplicated yet enthusiastic text makes … Continued

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The Classic Children’s Bible Storybook

t is important for every Christian family to have a child-friendly Bible that they can enjoy together. THE CLASSIC CHILDREN’S BIBLE STORYBOOK is packed with timeless Bible stories: 100 stories from the Old Testament and 100 stories from the New … Continued

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Joseph’s Story of Christmas

Joseph was a good, kind man, husband of Mary, protector of Jesus in his childhood. This is the Christmas story seen through the eyes of Joseph, and the story of Jesus – the baby in the manger.

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The Amazing Journey

God’s plan can be a mystery, but in this journey from creation to Christ’s death on the cross, children learn that our Father loves us enough to give us a fresh start. Like the flowers and trees that burst into … Continued

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One Minute Devotions For Boys

One Minute Devotions for Boys

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Kiwi Adventures

The land of the Kiwis is a fascinating country. Not only does New Zealand have one of the most unusual flightless birds (the kiwi itself) – it has many other claims to fame as well. If you thought it was … Continued

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Jungle Doctor Pulls A Leg

A flash flood brings the Jungle Doctor into some serious trouble as he goes to the rescue of a dangerously ill patient. But Jungle Doctor has the help of a new flying ambulance and the radio phone.

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