Amazon Adventures

The Amazon Rain Forest …. This is the oldest and largest rain forest in the world and one of the longest rivers on the planet cuts through its heart. It covers a huge area of South America and has an … Continued

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Ten Boys Who Used Their Talents

Lightkeepers; The internationally best-selling series from an award-winning biographer J S Bach; Paul Brand; John Bunyan; James Clerk Maxwell; Wilfred Grenfell; C.S. Lewis; Samuel Morse; Ghillean Prance; C.T. Studd; George Washington-Carver; What can you do for God? These ten boys … Continued

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Ten Boys Who Made History

These Christian stalwarts were once young boys playing games, learning from mistakes and growing up in quite a different world. But was it that different? Irene Howat has researched the lives of these men of God and draws out lessons … Continued

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Ten boys who made a difference

Would you like to make a difference? These ten boys grew up to do just that – but first they had to change the church. How did God change them? Augustine discovered the love of God and changed the way … Continued

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Jungle Dr sees red

As the fiery red sun sets over the dry sands of Tanzania the Jungle Doctor is once again in the middle of danger and violence. He is definitely seeing red but he is there to bring the message of peace … Continued

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Holy Bible ICB cupcake

With this colorful International Children’s Bible(R), girls will discover the sweet taste of God’s Word. How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! -Psalm 119:103 Lots of icing and loads of sprinkles-who doesn’t love … Continued

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My Lullabible

The tender melodies, powerful Scripture and every Mother’s prayers within My LullaBible will touch you deeply. With its beautiful design and meaningful poetry that has been set to music and song, this is a must have for any family with … Continued

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Jungle Doctor’s Africa

See, smell and hear Africa through the eyes of Dr. White, other missionaries and the various Africans you will encounter in this story. You will develop an affection for the people you will meet through Jungle Doctor’s stories – these … Continued

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