When helping hurts

When Helping Hurts is an excellent and thought provoking look at how Christians should tackle community povery both at home and overseas.So many Christian missions and Churches try to help the poor in a patronizing and insensitve fashion with negative … Continued

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The sixty minute family

What can you learn in an hour? How to find the most effective parenting style; how to save your marriage from a creeping sparateness; how to make time for your family; how to discover the magic of traditions; how to … Continued

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One good year of marriage

A good marriage is built on a series of moments – and good choices within those moments. Dr. David and Janet Congo show couples how to make the most of those choices in this new way to approach marriage. Each … Continued

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Unbelieving children and the parents who love them

For many parents its the cause of sleepless nights, one of their children has turned away from God or refuses to make a decision for Christ altogether. No matter whether a child’s professed unbelief stems from a momentary lapse or … Continued

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Cross Roads

From the award winning writer of ‘ THE SHACK – William Paul Young, comes a new novel ‘CROSSROADS’ Multi-millionaire Anthony Spencer is trapped in a coma and finds himself in a surreal world that reflects the skewed priorities of the … Continued

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Stumbling blocks

Gavin and Anne have chosen to make living for Jesus the most important thing in their lives. This honest book is born out of experience and shaped by encounters with people who struggle. If you want a quick-fix consumer faith … Continued

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The Last Jihad

The eerily prophetic New York Times best seller that predicted an attack on the U.S. and the war in Iraq…but was written before any of it happened. Jon Bennett and Erin McCoy are two of the shrewdest strategists on Wall … Continued

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The Weight of Mercy

“What kind of church nails its doors shut? “That would be the Triune Mercy Center. “And I am its pastor.” For 27 years Deb was a journalist in the Deep South. Then she retrained as a Baptist pastor, and accepted … Continued

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