The Case For A Creator

Has Science made a Creator outdated and irrelevant? Former atheist Lee Strobel has discovered that science, far from being the enemy of faith, now provides a solid foundation for belief in God. Scientific discoveries point to the incredible complexity of … Continued

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Romans 1 – 7 For You

“Christianity is unique because it is about being saved through receiving a righteousness from God, rather than offering our own righteousness to God. In Romans, Paul wants us to understand and then experience this righteousness to know its glorious release.” … Continued

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The Guilt Book

Many people are paralysed with guilt. Guilt robs you of freedom, peace and joy. It can make you feel unacceptable or isolated. Jesus’ forgiveness is the ultimate remedy for guilt but even for those who believe, guilty feelings can still … Continued

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Do yourself a Favour…forgive

Forgiveness is easier said than done and is one of the most difficult personal issues to deal with. When people fail to forgive, it damages – often ruins – relationships, causes stress and other health problems and can turn life … Continued

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Battlefield of the mind

In celebration of selling 3 million copies, FaithWords is publishing a special updated edition of BATTLEFIELD OF THE MIND. Worry, doubt, confusion, depression, anger and feelings of condemnation: all these are attacks on the mind. If readers suffer from negative … Continued

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Power thoughts devotional

Feeding our thought with positive, buoyant, hopeful spiritual truths is a helpful discipline. That’s how this book can help. Each day there is a Bible verse of hope, strength, comfort, power and possibility, with a little lesson of how that … Continued

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Fruitfulness on the frontline

Daily life may never be quite the same. In this horizon-expanding, spirit-lifting, heart-warming book Mark Greene serves up a liberating view of how God can and does work in and through us in our daily lives. Whether you’re a student … Continued

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Bridge to Haven

The book begins with Pastor Zeke discovering a little girl, just born, abandoned by the bridge into Haven. Taking her in for her first years, he eventually feels he must give her to another family from his church to raise. … Continued

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