Crazy Love

NEW EDITION – God is calling you to a passionate love relationship with Himself. Because the answer to religious complacency isnt working harder at a list of do’s and dont’s – it’s falling in love with God. Have you ever … Continued

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Starting and Ending Your Day Right

In Starting your Day right, Meyer provides a day-by-day guide for getting closer to God every morning of the year. Readers will be propelled each morning with a resurgence of hope and resilience for life through these brief and inspirational … Continued

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You Can Change

‘Many books are written by experts. This book isn’t one of them,’ admits Tim Chester. ‘It was written out of my own struggle to change. My long battle with particular issues set me searching the Bible as well as writings … Continued

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Connected Christianity: Engaging Culture Without Compromise

Connected Christianity is a clarion call to Christians to robustly engage with the world we live in for the sake of the gospel. It calls us to be both Christian AND worldly, surely an unnerving tension when first considered but … Continued

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The Revelation

Jonas Mast’s return from Apple Creek, Ohio has given Leah Ebersol reason to hope again. Yet she endures an unexplained silence that makes her fear Peter Mast and stern Bishop Bontrager are conspiring to once again keep her and Jonas … Continued

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Patched Together

Have you ever felt the loneliness that overwhelms the soul— the longing to be loved and truly accepted? In this rich parable, a sad boy named Willie Juan finds belonging in the eyes of the mysterious Man of Sorrows. But … Continued

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Christian Hymns – Words New Edition

The New Christian Hymns consists of over 942 hymns, of which 235 are new hymns with about 190 that were in the previous edition now omitted. The new Christian Hymns is published by the Evangelical Movement of Wales and the … Continued

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The Obedience Option: Because God Knows What’s Good for Us

The Obedience Option guides Christ followers through the book of Ephesians in the pursuit of an “overwhelming faith”-a life-dominating conviction that all God has for us through obedience is better by far than anything Satan can offer through selfishness and … Continued

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