Winning Over Your Emotions

Emotions and Feelings are among God’s great gifts. In balance, they’re marvelous. But when an emotion takes over, you lose. Norm’s innovative problem-solving and practical suggestions will help you become a more positive, confident, and fulfilled person. Start working toward … Continued

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Becoming MomStrong

Have you ever looked into the faces of the people who call you “mom” and wondered what in the world you got yourself into? If you’re like many Christian moms today, you’ve been reading the headlines and watching the rapid-fire … Continued

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How to be a Bible Warrior

If you were a warrior you’d have a sharp, shiny sword and an army of soldiers to fight with. There might be a giant to attack, or a throng of enemy soldiers to defeat. But is that all there is … Continued

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Staying In The Boat

Jeff’s back with a collection of some of his most profound wisdom to date. From over 40 years of Christian ministry experience to choose from, Jeff considers some of the lessons he has learned (and is still learning) along the … Continued

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Embodying Mark

Embodying Mark invites readers on a journey through the entire Gospel, accompanying Jesus from his baptism to his empty tomb. Over the course of eight chapters, readers are guided through eight focus passages, each supplemented by related readings and a … Continued

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365 Devotions To Embrace What Matters Most

Life is a precious gift, yet daily demands can cloud your vision, making it look like a never-ending cycle of obligations and appointments. Through this insightful devotional, reclaim your passions, your relationships, and your joy through the daily reminders of … Continued

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Billy Graham – Hear my Heart

Millions around the world have heard Billy Grahams evangelistic messages. Now hear his heart. Billy Graham has gone home. He preached to more people in live audiences that anyone else in history. But his lifelong message, his passion for the … Continued

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Grace Abounding

You’ve heard his name–now read his classic spiritual autobiography. Here is John Bunyan’s “Grace Abounding, ” an important and powerful book abridged and updated for today’s reader. Written more than three centuries ago, this Christian classic still speaks to readers, … Continued

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