Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Pam Rhodes’ personal collection of the carols, readings, poems and amusing stories that make Christmas special – for her, and all the family. Come along in and join the fun!

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The Recovery of Joy
'Recovering Joy' involves more than following our social codes and conventions. It involves walking with God at our right hand, step by step in the radiant light of his presence. It involves remembering that we have already arrived at our destination - the safety of our Father's house - even as we continue on the pilgrim road that takes us through life. It weaves imaginative story and profound reflections on a selection of psalms to trace a journey that many of us will relate to. The narrative begins in rootlessness and despair and takers a wanderer across the seato a series of islands. These are the setting for a succession of events and encounters through which emerges a progression from that initial rootlessness, through healing, to a rediscovery of the joy of feeling at the centre of God's loving purpose for our lives. Naomi Starkey is a priest in the Church of Wales currently living and working on the Llyn Peninsula.
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Dont Just Sit There … Have Faith
Ron Dunn examines the origin of true, pure faith, its proper object, its motives and its means, as he tackles tough questions head on.
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the way

If you want to get to the heart of what it means to follow Jesus, the Beatitudes are a good place to start. Carl Beech uses his honest and accessible style to explore Matthew 5. He considers how we can … Continued

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The Happiness Secret
It's something we all want but what is happiness and where can we find it? In this book J. John takes a look at the most famous teachings of Jesus - the Beatitudes - to find the principles to living a happy and contented life. He unpacks each of Jesus' great sayings, placing them in their first-century context and also revealing how they are relevant to our lives today. Accessible and down-to-earth, The Happiness Secret is both a practical guide to attaining fulfilment and purpose in life. 'Please read, It could well change your life.' - Sir Cliff Richard
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Hope when it Hurts
invitation to see the light of Jesus in the darkest times.
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The Life and Ministry of God the Son.
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How to Bring Them to Christ
Helps Christians who are eager to spread the Word but are unsure where to begin or how to confront strangers.
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