Spirit Hunger

We all have a desperate need for God – not just for following him or being committed to him, but to be intimately connected to him. We long for purpose, for affirmation, for attention, for nurture. But Gari Meacham writes … Continued

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Faith For All Seasons

Elijah was a man of extraordinary faith and courage, but just like us he also experienced times when life was a bit more difficult. He had great days of anointing from God, but also days when the stress of his … Continued

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Dirty Glory

You were created to walk and talk with the Living God. Prayer is the most natural, powerful and universal expression of Christian faith. Why then is it sometimes so difficult? DIrty glory will ignite fresh passion in your soul, inspiring … Continued

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The Broken Way

How can it be? When we’re naked and ashamed and alone in our brokenness, Christ envelopes us with his intimate grace. When we’re rejected and abandoned and shattered beyond wanting, Jesus cups our face, “Come close, my Beloved.” When we’re … Continued

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Prayers for Difficult Times

A practical guide of short prayer starters that will help you pray confidently during difficult times. From illness and death to divorce and job loss, dozens of topics are covered. Each section opens with a short devotional thought and applicable … Continued

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“Can’t anyone teach me how to pray?” Millions of people today are asking the same question. There is a sense of the necessity of prayer – we have to pray. But how?’ Prayer is central to Christian faith; indeed, as … Continued

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Don’t Just Sit There, Have Faith

Ronald Dunn was in ministry for more than thirty years before his death in the summer of 2001. In 1975, he left the pastorate to found Lifestyle Ministries, an organisation that promotes conferences and produces Bible study tapes for missionaries, … Continued

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Lord You Have my Heart

Lord you have my heart… Celebrate the living relationship we can experience with Jesus Christ : Saviour, God, and Friend.

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